All About Baby Bucks

Baby Bucks function as a type of currency within Elizabeth’s: A Baby Boutique. To obtain Baby Bucks, participants enroll in the Earn While You Learn Program, through the Pregnancy Resource Center.

Parents enrolled in Earn While You Learn (EWYL) are also awarded Baby Bucks when they improve parenting skills via educational activities offered by other resources in the community, such as hospitals, schools, or churches. Ai??These activities can include:

i??i??i??i??i?? Child Birth Education
ai???Ai??Child Passenger Safety Instruction
ai??? Money Management
Post Abortion Support
ai???Ai??Love & Logic
ai??? Cooking
ai??? Church Attendance
ai??? Play Groups
ai??? Story Hour
ai???Ai??Maternal Infant Health Program
ai???Ai??Celebrate Recovery

What Can I buy with Baby Bucks?

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Baby Bucks are used at Elizabeth’s: A Baby Boutique to purchase baby items. Baby item availability varies based on donations and inventory. There are some items only available to participants of the Earn While You Learn program, those are indicated next to the item. Baby care items that Elizabeth’s: A Baby Boutique typically carries includes:

ai??? Baby Food (Baby Bucks only)
ai??? Baby Diapers (Baby Bucks only)
ai??? Crib Blankets
ai??? Shoes
ai???Ai??Receiving Blankets
ai??? Bath Tubs
ai???Ai??Child clothing
ai??? Wipes (Baby Bucks only)
ai??? Powdered Formula (Baby Bucks only)
ai??? Liquid Formula (Baby Bucks only)
ai??i?? And Much More!

If you would like to donate items to Elizabeth’s: A Baby Boutique, please visit our donor page maxifort tomato. .

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