Because Family Life Services is a non-profit organization,  we often rely on support and resources of the community. Our supporters and volunteers believe in the ministry and are willing to give their time, talents, and finances to maintain the presence of Family Life Services and to continue improving the ministry of the Pregnancy Resource Center. Several ways you can get involved with the Family LIfe Services include:

• Becoming a board member

• Becoming a volunteer counselor

• Serving on a fundraising or event planning committee

• Speaking at our training sessions

• Helping with website development and maintenance

• Developing and maintaining advertising for the Pregnancy Resource Center

• Helping out with daily office tasks

• Becoming a prayer partner

• Giving your financial resources

• Becoming a godparent

Each volunteer and supporter we have are valuable assets to the ministry of The Center. No job is more or less valuable than any other. If you are interested in volunteering with the Family Life Services, please fill out the form below.


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